Take your piloting skills to the next level

S.I.V. Training

Basic S.I.V

 Learn about yourselve and your glider reactions. 

Advanced  S.I.V. 

Training focus on glider control. Become a master in active piloting.

Performance Training

Take your piloting skills to the next level. Advanced training focused on  acrobatic essentials.  

Personalized Training

Only 2 pilots per course 

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The Best of The Best 

Experienced Instructors
Top Of the Line Equipment
Perfect Training Location
Personalized programs 

About Us


We are passionate about flying and we want to make you a better pilot. Over the years S.I.V training has been evolving.    Our experience is the result of  more than 10 years of personal research while assisting to different S.I.V courses around the world with some of the most experience instructors in EU and USA. We aim to take over the water training to a much more structured coaching  process. We tailor personalized programs were the focus is always to make better and safer pilots.



Calima Lake

This beautiful lake is  located near the town of Darien.   Training takes place  at the lake between 7 am - 12 pm, before the wind sets in. In the afternoon, we do theory and video analysis. 


We believe a rested pilot is a safe pilot. There are plenty of alternatives, from high end hotels to camping, or shared cabins. 


2 hours from airport, 90 minutes hours from Roldanillo, 90 minutes from Piedechinche.


Our Equipment

2 Boats 
Back up is essential. We don´t want to waste time with mechanical issues. we have 2 boats. Both boats are "Tow-Ready". 
DHV certified tow winch specially design in Europe for paragliding towing.  
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Contact us


Email & Phone:

whatsapp +57 315 694 4358

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